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A book that is a Board Game, but if you have a printer then you can have it all for just £3, click on the image to find out more...

Ruppert’s Bangerpedias are out now

Bangerpedia cover 1990-2000 copy 2

Bangerpedia 2000 2010 cover


AutoFutropolis cover

Just imagine if BMC had not been so terrible, that Elvis ran a car company, levitating motors were a reality along with steam powered gentleman’s carriages and an electricity car designed by and for gentleladies...well, wonder no more. Here is a fully illustrated book which rewrites and redraws automotive history. 


Kerbcrawler cover

...a collection of car trading, buying and selling, stories plus talking to dealers before the Interweb spoilt everything, especially shopping for cars…

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In the spirit of Bangernomics, here’s the Free Car Mag just click on the cover to read the latest issue of Free Car Mag there are 120 copies to enjoy, for free...

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