Here is the best reason ever not to go to London, the Ultra Low Emission Zone. London hates cars and oddly motorbikes. Not quite sure what motorcyclists have done to deserve the ban, clearly not polluting very much at all. Some of the boring details are below. Essentially pre-Euro6 diesel cars (2015-ish) and pre-Euro4 petrol cars (early 2000s) will cost you £12.50 to drive into central London 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Marvellous.

Your Bangernomic options are now cheap 2006 petrols or 40 year old historics. You can either view that as depressing or as an opportunity to buy something truly interesting.

If you want the cold hard facts and figures, Expert Market, a leading comparison site for vehicle tracking systems, has released it’s latest study revealing the true cost of driving in London.

To avoid hefty fines, fleet businesses with a large number of high-polluting, heavy-load vehicles should consider re-routing their drivers – or switching to vehicles that comply with emissions standards – before the ULEZ comes into force.

Key findings include:
Larger vehicles, lorries, coaches and HGVs, that fail to meet emissions standards and drive through the zone could face daily charges of up to £111.50 per day.
Night drivers operating across the midnight to midnight cut off will be charged double (two full daily rates).
Around 2.5 million vehicles could be affected- London’s couriers and gig economy delivery drivers will be hit hard by stringent restrictions as motorcyclists are held to higher emissions standards.
It’s bad news for commuters driving to work in the ULEZ area. The new charge, paired with the congestion charge, will set workers back £120 / week if their vehicle is non-compliant.

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Expert Market’s new study with data visualisation shows that though public transport in London is notoriously expensive, in this instance, making the switch to a weekly travel card is a much cheaper (and more eco-friendly) way to travel to work. A zone 1-3 weekly pass costs £41.20 – around three times cheaper than driving into the central zone.

Kerbcrawler is back, that controversial column from the 1980s and ’90s is back in a digital format on the Bangernomics website. See you next time.