Watch our latest Bangertorial explaining just why a Porsche can be Bangernomics. Here’s how we bought ours…

We looked at some V6 Cayenne  and spent a day shopping for those, rejecting one on the grounds that it was rather too black and scruffy. Then we went and bought a 2006 example with issues. On the test drive it made a woofing sound which was sort of an air intake area thing. There was a ding or two and it needed a service so we agreed to let them sort it out. We sold our old BMW X5 and waited. And waited. They said they were buying a special tool from America to stoop the woofling. So we unbought it.

It turned out that we did want a V8 after all. There was one which was pricey, fairly close to home. Oddly enough it had the same ‘woofling induction sound’, plus the tailgate would not stay open. If you’d seen the number of Cayenne’s we had, that was pretty standard. They wanted £9,800 for a 2006, we wanted things fixed. They looked at us like we were too much trouble and never called back.

More miles covered led to a lovely blue V8 but with a ton of stone chips and a suspension warning light. They didn’t want to fix it, just offer cash off and this was an ’06 £8K car. Then there was a matt grey V6 with a questionable colour wrap, which wasn’t mentioned in the ad, so it was a case of, next.

At the end of another long day we found this 2005 V8 with 96,000 a couple of previous owners and after a bit of negotiation £6K. It needed a service, a rattly suspension sorted and parcel shelf within the price. The Beast from the East intervened so it took a few weeks to sort out. I broke a buying rule (no tow bars) to make this happen.

There is the fading stench of old dog, the mpg is marginal, but it is super comfy we call it the flying pig.

Top 5 Porsche or Posh SUV Buying Tips.

 History Not many understand what a FSH is, but a main dealer followed by a specialist is acceptable. Cayenne doesn’t need specialist.

Tyres Always good to see a well known brand of tyre on all axles, shows that the last owner cared enough about the most important part of the car.

Bodywork Scruffy Porsches are not really a thing and although cosmetics can be lived with they will cost a lot to sort out properly.

Issues Unless you have a firm handle on what things cost to fix, get the seller to sort out any problems.

Test Drive Sellers make excuses, curtail drives, make sure you go for some proper exercise, listen and feel your way around.