Well this is jolly reassuring news for followers of Bangernomics as a new study has found 57% of Britons now buy their own spare parts as car DIY is on the rise in a bid to save money and time. Whilst the majority are successful with their repair attempts, 38% have had to take their car into a garage after attempting the repairs themselves, costing them as much as £170 to get the work done professionally says www.moneysavingheroes.co.uk

More than half of British car owners attempt their own small mechanical repairs, such as changing lamps, saving themselves £60 a year, with one in five attempting larger repairs. Whilst the majority are successful, almost two fifths have to then go on to take their car into the garage, which typically costs between £80 and £170.

The team at www.MoneySavingHeroes.co.uk conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into the costs of fixing cars. 2,308 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom stated that they own their own car and hold a full driving licence, were quizzed about mechanical repairs.

Initially it was found that 57% of British car owners make small minor repairs to their vehicles, such as changing a lamp or a fuse, with a further 21% admitting they try to make larger repairs to their vehicles, such as replacing parts.

The top reasons to get hands on and make repairs without taking the car into a garage were found to be:

To avoid excessive garage fees – 39%
I at least wanted to try and save myself some money – 24%
The repairs seemed simple to make / there are tutorials online for everything – 21%
I worry mechanics will rip me off – 10%
I don’t have the time to be booking into a garage – 6%

Those who don’t attempt any repairs themselves stated that they ‘don’t trust’ themselves to do the work (30%), ‘have a friend’ who does it for them cheaper than garages charge (24%) or ‘want it done properly the first time’ (21%).

Asked if their DIY repairs fixed the problems they’ve encountered, 62% said it had. It was estimated that by carrying out small repairs themselves the average British car owner saves £60 a year.

Of the remaining 38%, two-thirds of respondents admitted they often pay more between £80 and £170 to rectify the work they have attempted themselves. Asked if it would have been cheaper to take the car to a garage in the first instance, 42% said it would have been cheaper. The top repairs attempted before being taken into a garage to be sorted were ‘knocking out a dent’ (17%), painting an area of the car’ (15%) and ‘fixing a head PETROLket’ (12%).

George Charles, a spokesperson for www.MoneySavingHeroes.co.uk commented:

“It is no surprise that people end up paying more to rectify their car DIY jobs than it would have cost to get a trained mechanic to do the job, what with the average Briton not being a mechanic and understanding the ins and outs of a car. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with learning to change a lamp or a fuse by yourself; these are small, quite simple tasks and will save you a little money along the way.”