Since publishing Demotorized I do get asked about where my climate change scepticism comes from. Well Demotorized is only very partly about the great climate change con, there is a lot more to it than that. I do get asked for ‘peer reviewed papers’ on the basis that a non-scientist heard someone say that is the proof you need to have to mean something is true. I won’t debunk that. Instead. take some time to look at some of these films and videos. (Look there’s a BMW 3.0 saloon!)

Because they are on Yoof Toob they have a climate change disclaimer on most of them and refer you to a wiki definition and alternative videos that set the pro-climate change case. So no bias there then. If you want to spend the least amount of time here just look at the short Thames TV documentary and Tony Heller’s explanation which for me shows how we have been brainwashed for decades. It also explains what is going on, climate wise.

Thames Televisions ‘Warming Warning’ First Shown: 08/12/1981

By the year 2000 we would all be pretty much doomed. That didn’t happen did it?

Tony Heller presents a 20 minute course to teach climate scientists the basic science which many of them choose not to understand. I like his dry style.

Dave Cullen on the Climate Change Hysteria in Ireland. I like Dave, he is cool, calm and collected. Explains things rationally and logically.

Dr Willie Soon entertainingly explains why the forecasts from CO2 climate models have been so wrong—and why solar influences on clouds, oceans, and wind drive climate change, not CO2 emissions. Stanford University physicist Elliott Bloom then comments, he is lower intensity, but worth sticking around for the Q&A.

Dr. Patrick Moore, talks about his adventures confronting Soviet and Japanese whaling ships, sailing across the ocean to stop nuclear bomb tests, advocating for Golden Rice (a GMO food for the poor), why he became disillusioned with Greenpeace’s mission, and the rampant untruths and myths surrounding global warming. Nice bloke, worth checking out, consults with oil companies, well the scientists opposing him take money from other interest groups…see I know all this criticisms, same applies to Dr. Willie Soon.