In the second series of the hit BLAZE UK commission of Flipping Bangers, petrol-head pals Will Trickett and Gus Gregory fix and ‘flip’ neglected old cars for a profit. Having ditched their day-jobs to trade in the cars that people avoid, the duo are risking it all once more as any losses will come out of their own pockets.

To cover their overheads, they must double their return on every pound invested.

The boys are up against it every episode with a week-long internet auction set-up as soon as the cars enter their workshop. The 10-part exclusive series will display full throttle transformations of classic car models from the iconic VW Beetle to the Morris Minor. Other familiar favourites such as the MGB and BMW Z3 will also undergo renovations as Gus and Will hope to turn a banger into a sizzler!

Speaking about Flipping Bangers, on BLAZE, Gus Gregory said: Will and I are delighted to be back Flipping Bangers once more. People think television is fake, but everything we do on Flipping Bangers is for real. It’s our time and our money. After just managing to keep our heads above water last time we’re looking forward to getting our hands on some new motors to try and turn a profit. We’re living the dream for many blokes who’d love to tinker with cars!

The featured SKODA ESTELLE is on Friday 31st May at 9pm when Gus and Will fancy getting their hands on an ‘Eastern Block’ car to see whether all those Skoda jokes where deserved. They manage locate an orange Skoda ‘Estelle’ that’s been imported and stored by an eccentric car collector. By bidding low on an internet auction site, they manage to win it, but can they add any value to it?

The 10 part series Flipping Bangers will premiere on BLAZE on Friday 26th April at 9pm. Read our Interview with the Banger Boys in the latest Free Car Mag out very soon.