Car is one of the greatest car magazines ever published. I have a genuine affection for the colourful rag, having been lucky enough to write for it from 1987 until 2006.

Unfortunately it appears to have died. Or at least it’s no longer on the side of the car enthusiast.

According to the March edition of Car, editor, Ben Miller has some doubts about the industry he writes about, because of, ‘climate change’.

His revelation occurred many thousands of feet above the earth on a flight back from Japan. It was a gut feeling. There are no facts or evidence offered. Just ‘feels’.

That’s great, Ben is probably a lovely chap, but surely if he feels this way that editorial should have been a resignation letter. If he truly believes that cars are doing irreversible damage to the planet, then he should leave and possibly join Extinction Rebellion.

Even building electric cars involves a colossal environmental cost. Ben knows that. Doing anything, even constructing wind turbines has a cost that cannot be overlooked.

Instead, Ben is doing his bit for planet earth by cycling to the Car office a few times a week and is happy to pay more for domestic power from green sources.

The thing is, Dave, the typical car mag reader would probably kill for the opportunity to write about and drive the world’s most exciting motors. However, Dave has to use his company Vauxhall Insignia diesel every day, because that’s how he gets to work and travels around the country in order to feed the mortgage and his family. Paying any more than he has to, simply to keep the lights on and the gas central heating churning, isn’t an option, he just wants the cheapest energy deal.

I expected so much more from Car. The magazine that had the balls to put a lemon on the cover with a VW badge on it. They really should be questioning what is quite possibly one of the biggest scams of all time. Climate change is, until proven otherwise, a made-up catastrophe used by governments to instill fear and guilt to tax, regulate and remove everyday freedoms while pretending to save the planet.

Having written Demotorized to help counter these views I thought a magazine like Car would have taken the time to stick up for the beleaguered motorist. Check out the actual science and data. Possibly come to their own conclusion rather than falling in line with the entire industry who wants to flog new cars and a government that has an agenda to change our bad behaviour.

Ben admits that there are contradictions with his position and see’s the funny side. He rightly invites comment, so this article is mine. Ben uses the fairly nasty ‘climate denier’ tag for those who don’t agree with him. That dare to think a little bit differently. Not what I want the Car magazine editor to say.

I hope Car rediscover their mischievous, questioning motoring mojo. For the time being though, Car as we used to know, read and enjoy it, has passed away.

Meanwhile please buy my book Demotorized. It’s a bit like reading a perky, questioning 1980s edition of Car, but without the classy colour pictures.