Pay as you drive, that sounds all very fair doesn’t it? (and also very familiar, see further fuel duty) yet the great road-charging debate doesn’t seem to have happened and has simply been accepted as inevitable by the metropolitan elite. There is lots of love Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards which will condemn many serviceable and useable cars to the scrapheap.

Meanwhile it will be the rural masses who continue to pay the real price for having to endure a terminally broken transport system. In all the excitement of coming up with clever schemes to charge more no one has stopped to consider whether it is really is fair to those who have no viable or reasonable alternative to using their cars.

Yes, rural motorists are not just a special case, but an extra special one. Not only do they have to put up with substandard roads and crippling amounts of tax they also have NO ALTERNATIVE to their car. It’s fine for the chattering classes to amble down to the bistros, delicatessens and boutiques in their inner London boroughs, but there is no such option out here. Indeed, we are lucky if we’ve got a village shop, or post office.

How dare the government charge us by the mile for going to work, taking our children to school and simply existing. Driving is not a selfish lifestyle choice but an economic and social necessity. Maybe politicians want to finish off the countryside for good and we are so apathetic that could actually happen. Rural motorists have to be exempt from or be subject to a marginal rate per countryside mile. I’m a Londoner who’s gone utterly native and I’m not going to take it. Because politicians don’t listen it’s essential that we start doing something naughty so they do.

Let’s all turn French don some reflective jackets and start erecting roadblocks, openly running our diesels on the red stuff and withholding a sizeable proportion of road fund tax. The Bangernomics countryside motoring alliance starts here. Who’s going to join me?

Meanwhile, just buy a cheap old car. Look after it and don’t drive into that big, bad, overtaxed and regulated City.