The best Saab ever wasn’t a 95, or 900, or a 99 Turbo, it was the 9000. Big, comfy and not too quirky, plus it was the best car that the Germans never made. It actually didn’t break down that much, though when it did it was reassuringly expensive to fix. Unless you went to the breakers yard.

I think the core 9-5 models from the early 2000s onwards make sensational buys. In terms of value for money Saabs have never failed to deliver, offering huge levels of standard equipment, arguably the most comfortable seats ever fitted to a vehicle and an exemplary safety record. Only the increasing electrickery of the 9-3 seems to have caused rather a lot of them to need the firm grasp of the dealer’s reset tool.

The Saab 9000 is a very old model and you can trace its history back to 1985 when several related manufacturers (Fiat, Alfa and Lancia) got together with Saab to produce their own version of the same car. The Saab was always the best even though the Lancia Thema 8.32 had a Ferrari engine under the bonnet. The Saab stayed in production far longer than the other versions and established itself as a supremely comfortable car even though for the Saab purist reckoned the 9000 was not quirky enough. Even though you don’t stick the ignition key between the seats, it was still very different from a BMW 5 series, not least because the boot is absolutely huge. Oh yes and unlike the BMW it was a hatchback (although for some reason a CD badged saloon soon arrived), mostly though the Saab had acres of rear legroom. Also, being a Saab it was safer than the average car and Folksham the Scandinavian insurer which based its stats on real world accidents, pronounced the 9000 as the safest car to have a prang in.

Yes for me, happiness is a big giant hatchback with a low pressure turbo engine and a marginal asking price. I look forward to finding out just how wrong I am. Please let Bangernomics know.