Been buffeted by wind in your convertible? You either need to repair your wind deflector or make a bespoke one for your pride and joy. However, have you looked at the cost of buying the material from a manufacturer or specialist? Yes it can cost many hundreds of pound.

Bangernomics however has a source of incredibly strong, high tech material which can be used to make or repair a deflector. We have been selling it successfully for years through our Flyscreen Queen outlet, but here it is, available for you to buy through a proper motoring outlet on our Products Page. being Bangernomics of course the emphasis is on value for money, which is it costs only £12.99 a metre. Also, if you order 2 metres you would get a continuous length of 2m unless you ask us otherwise.

Also, we send by courier all over the world, but please ask us for a quote please.

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Here is a Bangernomics customer who took the time to make a bespoke wind deflector for his magnificent Quantum kit car.



Wind_Deflector_material at a bargain price.