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Agenda 2030 Banning New Cars

The ordinary, hard working tax paying British motorist is being rapidly DeMotorized. Their automotive options are being reduced and restricted by the day.

2020 has seen the attack on the motorist intensify whether it is increased parking restrictions or the reduction of road space. This is being driven, by local authorities and is happening at a furious, some might say ludicrous rate.

It is now the turn of the Government to please all the right people and in particular the Electric Vehicle Association England, which seems to have come out of nowhere, and welcomes the Government’s commitment to end sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030

It is all OK though because EVA England’s survey of drivers in July 2020 “shows widespread support for the policy”.

Just in case you didn’t realise this fairly momentous decision has been brought forward by a decade already. It is apparently part of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. It is all tied in with net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 and combating climate change. We won’t get bogged down in any of the worthy reasons, but oh look, China have just built another coal fired power station in the last ten minutes.

The simple fact is that if electric cars were so brilliant, everyone would go out and buy them. Instead they are subsidised by everyone else who can’t afford them.

Why do drivers need to be denied the choice? If switching to an electric car is sensible and better for everyone, then surely drivers are intelligent enough to make that decision.

The trouble is that we haven’t got ten years before all this happens. For all we know it could be brought forward another decade or even implemented retrospectively at this rate. After that we don’t then have however long our petrol and diesel engined cars will last. It does not matter if you are a good mechanic, brace yourself for even more restrictive legislation. After the new car ban the used one isn’t far behind. Classic car owners will be required to apply for a licence to drive their MGB for an hour on the weekend when there is an R in the month.

The Government are coming for every vehicle that doesn’t need a AA battery and it will be sooner rather than later.

We have a Government that is out of control, hates its people and in particular the drivers who pay for pretty much everything.

You can write to your useless MP, but it won’t make a difference as they have all signed up for this nonsense having convinced themselves that an electric car is zero emissions. They also spout the meaningless Net Zero mantra without understanding the implications while China just laugh at our weakness as they sell us more rare earth materials.

This Government need to be voted out, or just overthrown.

There is more of us than them.

Who’s with me?

Meanwhile, buy my book DeMotorized first published in January 2020.

5 Great Reasons to buy a Used Car

You’d be mad to buy a brand new car. Never mind the massive depreciation it will suffer the second you drive out of the showroom, the dealer’s servicing rates are going to be sky high too. Also wouldn’t you panic every time you left it in the supermarket car park in case someone dinged it? Why have all that stress? So here’s a few good reasons why you should buy a used car.

1. Used Cars are cheap

Yes they are great value. Indeed, there are plenty of websites to surf for brilliant used cars and you’ll find more than 160,000 of them at Gumtree, so you should start looking right now. Make sure that you always pay cash and never borrow money to finance the car, that way you will be spending what you can actually afford. Just imagine if you did borrow money to buy a heap and it stopped working soon afterwards. You would then have that entire easy payment period (be it 12, 24 or 26 months) to regret that decision. Spending what you can afford will always concentrate the mind wonderfully, ensuring that you will buy the best possible car. 

2.Used Cars mean you can spend more money on other stuff…

The money you save, especially on depreciation could be spent on lots of other things, like new kitchens, holidays and generally having fun. If you are really into cars then you could also buy that classic you always promised yourself, or that hardcore trackday sports car for some downtime fun.

3.Used Cars can teach you new skills…

Changing oil, plugs and filters is within all our capabilities given a Haynes manual from the Oxfam Shop. However, finding a good local mechanic rather than paying through the nose for a franchised dealer charging loads an hour (as new car owners soon find out) is the key if you don't fancy getting your hands dirty. Meanwhile the MOT helps to ensure that the car is safe. Yes you learn some skills, waste less money and have a new topic of dinner party conversation.

4.Used Cars are Green.

Buying used amounts to recycling because the natural resources and energy used in building a new car is phenomenal. So prolonging the life of and disposing responsibly of a used car is very green indeed. Why throw away a car that still works? You wouldn’t demolish a house just because you moved to another one. If there is life left in it, sell or give it to someone else.

5. Used Cars are really cool…

Automotive downshifting has never been less painful or more financially sensible. So what could you buy for just a few thousand or much or less? Take a look around around you. Ford Mondeos that are nice to drive, but cheap to own and fix. Then there are Volkswagen Passats that look very classy and Toyota Corollas that don’t, but which won’t break down. If you want to indulge in some automotive snobbery, as old Mercedes, BMWs and Audis are very  durable, and über cool.

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