Free Buying Guides

Yes here is some free stuff that you can download for nuffink. They are PDFs and you can read them on your computer or other clever electronic device.

The Spencer Haze Guide to Buying a Classic Car

No really, here is a free guide from a '70s cartoon superhero Spencer Haze. There are an amazing 17 frames packed with vital information to help you buy a better classic car. Spencer knows his stuff too because he was there when these cars were brand new. What better guide to the word of classic cars. Just click on the Spencer frame below and download a zip file.


Car Buying Check Sheets - all you need to take with you when you go and look at a used car. Flat plans you can annotate with faults, tick boxes, reminders and document checks. Print it off and it will help you buy a better used car. Just click on the picture to download.


Ever wondered what an auction is like? Ever fancied going along and bidding? Lots of you have, so here is a short no-nonsense guide designed to help the car auction virgin. Click on the auction pic below (taken in 1992 at Wembley Car Auctions).


Classic Cars. They can be beautiful, but also a whole bundle of trouble. Here is a pretty compact guide that shows you in three easy stages just how to decide which classic is right for you. Click on the Bristols below...(picture taken in the late '90s in Brian May's back garden in Birmingham).


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